“Professional – that’s how I’d describe Handwritten Tradition. They treated me and my project with complete professionalism. And, it was beautiful too! Thank you!” – RANDA M., SEATTLE, WA

Penmanship, considered by some to be a lost art, is enjoying a renaissance

“A friend told me that her discovery of a handwritten envelope in her mailbox was like finding a jewel among the rocks and dust of junk mail and bills. She was thrilled!  Invitations set the tone and expectations for an event – Handwritten Tradition is my “go to” service when I’m planning a soiree. I want my guests to know that they are special and my party is special too!” – CAROLEANNE D., SANTA BARBARA, CA

“I’ve known the founder of Handwritten Tradition for years and years. They do my Christmas cards every year for all my friends and family.  I trust their work completely.”PAMELA H., LLOYD NECK, NY

“Having worked with Jemina early in her career, I can attest to her attention to detail, organizational skills and her clear and distinct handwriting. I’m struck by what a lost art handwriting is and how society could be better for it.” – CAROLE JOAN A., OGUNQUIT, ME

A fancy affair is first announced by the envelope color and address style

“When we held my twin daughters’ Sweet 16, I had Handwritten Tradition do all our invitations.  It was so easy to upload the invite list and have my printer send the invitations to them. They even assembled the invitations and mailed them for us!  Simple, elegant and straight forward.” – HEIDI T., SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY

“I just had to write to you to tell you how successful our party was, thanks to your incredible invites. In today’s world of e-vites, they really stood out and let everyone know how important our party was.  Handwritten Tradition’s invitations  set us apart from the crowd. Your writing certainly has flair and I must repeat that a big part of our success was due to you!” – JANE M., TEDDINGTON, ENGLAND

“Their writings are warm, engaging and entertaining. Over the years, I have received many beautifully crafted handwritten notes and letters.” – SHARON H., DALLAS, TX

Attention to detail is a hallmark of Handwritten Tradition

“As someone who works in events, I am always looking for ways to make my events stand out. Handwritten Tradition was the perfect way to make my events memorable from start to finish. The handwriting is beautiful and the staff is so easy to work with. Handwritten Tradition is the only way to send out invitations.” – HAILEY M., COTTONWOOD COUNTRY CLUB, UT

“We used Handwritten Tradition for my mother’s 80th Birthday party and it was a huge success! It was so easy and simple to send them our envelopes, invitations and invitees. We got everything back in 2 weeks and my mom’s friends were very impressed all around. Really – there’s nothing like a handwritten envelope in your mailbox.” – AMY W., HOLLADAY, UT