We offer three different styles of handwriting services. The traditional “Palmer Method” is what was taught in schools in the 20th Century.  “Flourish” is our embellished Palmer style, and can be seen on most of the pages of our website. It incorporates traditional script with just a little more flair.  We also offer a calligraphy style which is our lovely script using a calligraphy pen. A calligraphy pen has a beveled edge that emphasizes the up and down/thick and thin strokes of the pen.


Many of our clients request hand printed envelopes, notes and place cards. This is especially true for birth announcements and children’s birthday parties. Believe it or not, printing takes longer than script and is more labor intensive.

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An example of our traditional Palmer style script on Thank You notes.
Here is our Palmer style script with a bit of added flourish for these party invitation envelopes.
Our beautiful Palmer script executed with a calligraphy pen.
Handprinting is a popular style for children’s events and announcements.
Handwritten menus lend flair and sophistication to any event
Beautiful escort cards hit the right note for a special occasion