How to Order


In the sidebar to the right, you will find buttons that link to our secure order forms for handwritten services. We do not sell invitations or stationery. Your stationery/envelopes should be sent directly to our offices (see address at lower right). Please ask your stationer or printer to provide a 10% envelope “overage”. This is an industry standard, as any handcrafted products sometimes have human-made errors and need to be re-addressed. We will notify you when we receive your online order and when we receive your stationery/envelopes.

Please note: Our envelope handwriting services include delivery addresses only. When you order your envelopes from your stationer, your return address should be pre-printed on the envelope flap by your stationer.

Special Requests

We will always do our best to accommodate special requests – just ask us.  There are no additional charges for special requests in format such as centering or alignment, custom ink colors, or additional lines (like apartment numbers).

Have a custom project idea? Cool! We love that! Just send your idea to our email address: We’’ll review it and get back to you in a jiffy.

Preparing Your Order

Many wedding invitations have what is called the “outer envelope” and the “inner envelope.” The outer envelope includes the entire mailing address of your guest, while the inner envelope only includes their name and title (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins). In the event that you have an “inner envelope” please include the inner envelope information along with the outer envelope information on the list you submit to us. For more information on addressing protocols, please see How To Address Envelopes.


Typically, our turnaround time is 2 weeks from the time we receive your complete order information and your stationery/envelopes are in hand. Faster turnarounds can be accommodated pending availability, and may incur an upcharge. Please keep in mind spring weddings and holiday cards are our “busy time” of year.